L. Khelifi, M. Mignotte
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP), Volume 26, Issue 8, Pages 3831-3845
Publication year: 2017


Image segmentation fusion is defined as the set of methods which aim at merging several image segmentations, in a manner that takes full advantage of the complementarity of each one. Previous relevant researches in this field have been impeded by the difficulty in identifying an appropriate single segmentation fusion criterion, providing the best possible, i.e., the more informative, result of fusion. In this paper, we propose a new model of image segmentation fusion based on multi-objective optimization which can mitigate this problem, to obtain a final improved result of segmentation. Our fusion framework incorporates the dominance concept in order to efficiently combine and optimize two complementary segmentation criteria, namely, the global consistency error and the F-measure (precision-recall) criterion. To this end, we present a hierarchical and efficient way to optimize the multi-objective consensus energy function related to this fusion model, which exploits a simple and deterministic iterative relaxation strategy combining the different image segments. This step is followed by a decision making task based on the so-called “technique for order performance by similarity to ideal solution”. Results obtained on two publicly available databases with manual ground truth segmentations clearly show that our multi-objective energy-based model gives better results than the classical mono-objective one.

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